Empire Ranch Women's Golf Club
Empire Ranch Women's Golf Club

Play Days (game schedule)

In alphabetical order - game descriptions


BEST NINE - Choose best nine holes - subtract 1/2 your handicap.  Can only use 2 par 3's

BLIND 9 - Nine holes will chosen after all players tee off.  At end of round those holes will be used for game - subtract 1/2 your handicap.

BLIND PARTNERS - Individual stroke play - a partner will be chosen for each player.  At end of round the 2-person teams with best combined scores will be determined.

BLIND TEAM PLAY - 3 person teams will be drawn after all players tee off.  At end of round teams with best scores will be determined.

CENTER CUT - Add scores for hole 6 through 14 - use 1/2 your handicap

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - A two day tournament.  Individual Stroke Play.  Player with the lowest GROSS score is the Club Champion.

CRIERS - Select your three worst holes and revert score of these holes back to Par.  Use 1/2 your handicap.

CRISS CROSS - Holes 1 & 10 are a pair. Circle lowest score of these 2.  Holes 2 & 11 are a pair, etc.  Use 1/2 your handicap.

ECLECTIC (PRESIDENT'S CUP) - The score is the better gross and net of each hole after two rounds.

EENIE & MEANIE - Count 3 best par 3's, 3 best par 4's, 3 best par 5's.  Use 1/2 your handicap

EVEN HOLES - Add your score for all even holes.  Use 1/2 your handicap

FIRST 5 LAST 4 - Add your score for first 5 and last 4 holes.  Use 1/2 your handicap

HATE 'EM - Before teeing off, circle two holes you absolutely HATE.  Total for game is gross and net of remaining 16 holes.

LADIES CHOICE - Before teeing off, choose 2 par 3's, 5 par 4's and 2 par 5's.  Use 1/2 your handicap

LAGGING - a point game.  After everyone reaches green (regardless of number of strokes) person closest to pin gets 3 points, second closest 2 points and farthest away gets 1.  Most points earned are winners.

MUTT & JEFF - Total of par 3's and par 5's.  Use 1/2 your handicap

ODD HOLES - Total of all ODD holes.  Use 1/2 your handicap

PAR 4'S - Total score of all par 4's.  Use 1/2 your handicap

PUTTS - A point game.  1 putt = 3 points, 2 putts = 1 point, 3 putts or more = minus 2 points.  Highest scores win.  

9 HOLE SCRAMBLE - End of year game.  We play only 9 holes as a straight scramble.

STRIKE THREE - Throw out your 3 highest scores, use 1/2 your handicap.

3 GAL BEST BALL - (Team game)  Use lowest score of the team on every hole.

T'S & F'S - Play holes that start with T or F.  Use 1/2 your hanicap

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