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Play Days (game schedule)

In alphabetical order - game descriptions


BEST NINE - Choose best nine holes - subtract 1/2 your handicap.  Can only use 2 par 3's

BETTER NINE - After play choose the better side, front or back 9 - use 1/2 your handicap.

CENTER CUT - Add scores for hole 6 through 14 - use 1/2 your handicap

CHA CHA CHA - (Team game) 1st hole use lowest score of team, 2nd hole 2 lowest scores, 3rd hole 3 lowest scores.  Continue thru 18 holes.

CHICAGO POINTS - Double bogey=1 point, Bogey=2, Par=3, Birdie=5, Eagle=8.  Highest points scored wins.

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - A two day tournament.  Individual Stroke Play.  Player with the lowest GROSS score is the Club Champion.

CRIERS - Select your three worst holes and revert score of these holes back to Par.  Use 1/2 your handicap.

CRISS CROSS - Holes 1 & 10 are a pair. Circle lowest score of these 2.  Holes 2 & 11 are a pair, etc.  Use 1/2 your handicap.

ECLECTIC (PRESIDENT'S CUP) - The score is the better gross and net of each hole after two rounds.

EENIE & MEANIE - Count 3 best par 3's, 3 best par 4's, 3 best par 5's.  Use 1/2 your handicap

EVEN HOLES - Add your score for all even holes.  Use 1/2 your handicap

FIRST 5 LAST 4 - Add your score for first 5 and last 4 holes.  Use 1/2 your handicap

HATE 'EM - Before teeing off, circle two holes you absolutely HATE.  Total for game is gross and net of remaining 16 holes.

LADIES CHOICE - Before teeing off, choose 2 par 3's, 5 par 4's and 2 par 5's.  Use 1/2 your handicap

LONE RANGER - (Team game) Each team has a colored ball. Each player plays that ball for a hole in alternation.  Count the score of the person playing colored ball.  Total of those holes until ball in lost.

MUTT & JEFF - Total of par 3's and par 5's.  Use 1/2 your handicap

ODD HOLES - Total of all ODD holes.  Use 1/2 your handicap

O.N.E.S. - Total of all holes beginning with O,N,E or S.  Use 1/2 your handicap.

PAR 4'S - Total score of all par 4's.  Use 1/2 your handicap

STEP ASIDE SCRAMBLE - (Team game) Each player tees off with her own ball.  Team selects best drive.  Second shot is played from there, player whose ball was selected, steps aside.  This procedure continues until the ball holes out.  1/4 of team handicap is used and deducted from total score.

3 GAL BEST BALL - (Team game)  Use lowest score of the team on every hole.

T'S & F'S - Play holes that start with T or F.  Use 1/2 your hanicap

TROUBLE - Points are given for disaster: 3 putt = 1pt, 4 putt = 2pts  Bunker = 1pt, OB = 2pts, Hazard = 2pts



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